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Preventive Dentistry, Preventive Dental Care McKinney, TX

Preventive Dentistry, Preventive Dental Care


Preventive Dentistry, Preventive Dental Care McKinney, TX

We all know this big quote “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.

Let’s talk about how does that work in Dental world.

When we talk about dentistry we are always talking about CROWNS, ROOT CANALS and IMPLANTS. These are scary words. Dental treatment is not scary if we take care of things in timely manners.

If you start seeing dentist every 6 months, that will prevent lot of bigger issues in your mouth. Seeing every 6 months dentist will make you need only maintenance cleaning or prophylaxis cleaning. That can also help us find smaller cavities,which can be fixed with simple fillings. Sometimes they don’t even need filling if they are very small, floride treatment can help to stop it. These kind of treatment will avoid future gum infections or need of crowns, root canals or extraction of teeth.

Preventive treatments are less painful, less time consuming and most important way cheaper than other treatments.

So why not make a habit of going to dentist every 6-12 months to prevent severe problems. If you are in our area , we welcome all new patients.


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I got 4 fillings, a root canal, a cleaning, and a crown put on with Dr. Patel, him and his team did an amazing job fixing the problems I had with my teeth with little to no pain at all! They were very understanding and comforting, always making sure I felt comfortable and was painless. Recovery from the root canal was as 99% pain free other than slight initial soreness, but Dr Patel got me medicine the same day and made sure I was all taken care of. 10/10 recommend!!!


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