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A More Modern Approach to Dentistry

In the last 20, 30, or even 50 years, dental technology has come a long way. Instead of relying on older, more invasive ways to diagnose and treat various oral health problems, we now use advanced systems and technologies to improve the patient experience. Below, you will discover a list of the different equipment we use to generate more accurate, precise, and long-lasting results.

Intraoral Cameras

Being able to see what your dentist sees during a dental checkup can be helpful in learning more about your oral health. Instead of relying on them to tell you what’s wrong, you can now see it for yourself with the help of an intraoral camera. This small, handheld device captures images inside the mouth and displays them on a nearby computer screen. In just minutes, you can see exactly what Dr. N. Patel sees, making it easier to understand the importance of treatment when recommended.

All-Digital X-Rays

High levels of radiation were once the norm at dentist’s offices; however, digital X-rays are quickly taking the dental field by storm. Instead of subjecting patients to older, more traditional radiographs, we can now quickly capture and develop these images without elevated radiation or harsh chemicals to develop film. Instead, they are digitized, making these files easier to access and transfer should they be necessary for insurance-related purposes.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

When preparing for complex dental treatment such as dental implant placement or root canal therapy, the 3D Cone Beam Imaging system makes this process much easier. The device takes a 360-degree scan of your oral and facial structures, pinpointing the nerves, tissues, and other areas that must be considered when preparing a treatment plan. Using these images, we can create a three-dimensional model of your mouth that allows for optimal planning.

Digital Impression System

Cold dental putty was once the only way to capture a mold of your teeth. Instead of continuing to use materials that often caused patients to gag, we now use a digital impression system. This handheld, pen-like device scans the teeth and gums to generate a 3D mold that can be sent to lab technicians for fabrication. Offering greater accuracy, custom-made restorations will now fit more comfortably than before.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

If you experience mild dental anxiety, we can recommend nitrous oxide sedation. Also referred to as laughing gas, this mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen allows patients to relax and feel at ease throughout their appointments. By simply inhaling the mixture, the effects take only minutes to form. Once the gas is turned off, these same effects begin to quickly dissipate, allowing individuals to resume normal activity immediately following their appointments.
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